The members of the international Association of University President, the executive board of Peace commitee and all the parties are from all over the world, which proposed to the United Nations to set up the "International Day and Year of Peace" have resolved to adopt peace message unanimously as follws : Reconfirming the we are living in a global village with the spirit of global family and relationship between people must be defined as not be antagonistic, be cooperative, to promote friendly relations and understand each other cooperatively.
Keep this historical missin in mind, we strongly encourage observing in commemoration of the International Day of Peace as follws six points.

1. We shall take all actions necessary to save the earth and all mankind.
2. We shal endeavor to abolish all forms of racial discrimination and establish international society for peace and friendship.
3. We oppose all wars regrdless of the circumstances.
4. We insist on the abolishment of all nuclear weapons and the dismantiling of all armaments.
5. We opppse the manufacture, sale of all chemicals that have an adverse effect on the natural environment.
6. Nations should engage in activities to promote harmony, friendship and cooperation in pursuit of the great global human society without war.